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International Standards and Norms

As a global company, it is self-evident that our plant and systems are adapted to international standards. For many years now, Wied continuously aims at acquiring new certifications. In this way, we can satisfy our customers´requirements, suppliers have become more aware, and we are able to provide a higher level of safety in the workplace for our customers.


Overview of the IEC and UL areas
Overview of the IEC and UL areas

Official listed UL-cabinet constructor

Since March 2010, Wied has been manufacturing control cabinets in accordance to IEC, EN, DIN, and VDE standards in addition to being awarded the UL Seal of Approval. Wied is one of only three companies in Europe meeting both UL standard certification requirements and certified to the extended approval for suppliers of Hazardous Locations UL areas. Therfore, Wied can provide certification services worldwide of industrial electrical material saving our customers time and costly UL approvals.

Wied possesses the following certifications:

  • Industrial Control Panels (NITW.E335738)
  • Industrial Control Panels for Canada (NITW7-E335738)
  • Industrial Control Panels Relating to Hazardous Locations (NRBX.E337091)
  • Industrial Control Panels Relating to Hazardous Locations Certified for Canada (NRBX7.E337091)

NFPA 79 checked

The NFPA 79 (National Fire Protection Association) is valid in Canada and the USA and defines certain requirements regarding electrical equipment of machines. Our employees have held this certification since September 2013.